Russia: Mufti wants to fight ‘debauchery’ with help of female genital mutilation

Vladimir Putin and Ismail Berdiyev

Female genital mutilation is one of the best ways to reduce  women’s exuberant sexuality, Ismail Berdiyev, chairman of the Coordination Center of Muslims of North Caucasus, told news agency Interfax.

The Muslim cleric referred to the foundation ‘Legal Practice’ report dedicated to the tradition of female circumcision in Russia’s Dagestan. According to the report, even now 12-year-old girls’ genitals are cut in high mountain areas of the region mentioned above.

Islam does not impose female genital mutilation, he says, but introducing such practice would conribute to reducing women’s sexuality.

“All women should have their genitals mutilated to stop spreading of wickedness in the worldto reduce sexuality,” he calls.

“The Supreme God created a woman to give birth to children born and raise them. Such mutilation would not prevent them from labouring. But there would be less and immorality,” he added.

But then the priest began to retreat from his words, saying that he never called on to cut women’s genetals, but only to tackle with the problem of ‘debauchery’. following

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