Roman Catholic bishop wants more info about COVID-19 from Belarus officials

The Roman Catholic Church is not receiving meaningful responses regarding the coronavirus situation from Belarusian officials, Archbishop Tadeush Kandrusevich about said during Tuesday’s press conference.

According to the church leader, the Belarusian authorities ‘do not hear him’.

“I am not an expert in this field, I do not know whether this water [used in churches for consecration – Belsat] conveys the infection or not. We are expected to consecrate Easter food on Saturday, and we are in two minds as well. I asked the Health Ministry: “What should we do? Why don’t you say anything?!” With your help, the help of the mass media, I am seeking to meet with someone in charge so that they will give definite answers,” Tadeush Kandrusevich said.

5 April 2020. Palm Sunday in the Belarusian town of Ashmyany. Photo: VASILY FEDOSENKO / Reuters / Forum

The archbishop also thanked Belarusian doctors for their dedicated work in the fight against the epidemic.

On April 12, a number of Christian denominations will celebrate Easter. Archbishop Kandrusevich has called on the Roman Catholics of Belarus to spend the holy day at home when possible.

“On the one hand, it is good that people go to church and look for God. But on the other hand, people read information on the Internet. I cannot order them not to go to church, but I urge you to take notice of your state of health and keep the necessary distance while visiting a temple,” he stressed.

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