Rise in US dollar against Belarusian ruble

Photo: https://t.me/bnkbel

Amid the plunge in oil prices and the consequent fall in the Russian ruble, the Belarusian currency is also weakening.

On March 9, the US dollar came up 5.01% to 2.3518 Belarusian rubles, the euro – 6.24% to 2.675 rubles.

The Russian ruble fell by 4.78% (3.1628 Belarusian rubles for 100 Russian rubles).

In the wake of Monday’s trading on the Currency and Stock Exchange, the exchange rates were raised at the banks of Belarus. For example, Zepter Bank has set the rate of 2.4 rubles for one U.S. dollar, Belinvestbank – 2.402 rubles, Bank BelVEB – 2.42 rubles. The lowest dollar exchange rate is 2.359 rubles (Paritetbank and Absolutbank).

Currently, Bank BelVEB is seling the euro at its highest rate(2.77 rubles); Paritetbank – at its lowest rate (2.685 rubles for one euro).

No intention to artificially restrain Belarusian ruble – PM