Ray of hope: Hazardous plant construction may be stopped in Brest

On November 18, local residents protested against the construction of a battery plant near Brest. Since March, the rallies have been held in the central square every Sunday.

As the city authorities do not authorise such meetings, people do not make speeches or chant any slogans – they just feed pigeons or carry baloons.

The participants discussed the authorities’ refusal to meet with the protesters. However, there has been good news as well – Iya Malkina, Deputy Minister of Natural Resources and Environmental Protection, reported that the further-detailed plant project was filed for re-examining by a state ecological commission.

The project will be revised by state expers who were informed of the harmfulness of such plants. If its hazard level is recognized high, the construction of the plant may be stopped.

Opublikowany przez Denisa Malyshenkę Niedziela, 18 listopada 2018

The battery plant near the city is being built in the free economic zone Brest by a Chinese corporation. The project was commissioned by iPower company. It is planned that the plant will have a full cycle of production of lead-acid batteries.

Residents of the city and surrounding villages believe that the production would harmfully impact their health and the environment. The project opponents say the construction has a number of violations, almost 37 thousand signatures against the plant were sent to Alyaksandr Lukashenka’s administration in February. But the government commission did not find any violations in the implementation of the project.

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