Russia’s accusing Ukraine of terrorism in occupied Crimea is absurd and cynical – Poroshenko

Ukraine’s President Petro Poroshenko has made an official comment in response to Russia’s allegations of Ukrainian intelligence’s involvement in preparing terrorist attacks in annexed Crimea.

“Russian accusations that Ukraine launched terror attacks in the occupied Crimea are equally cynical and insane as its claims there is no Russian troops in eastern Ukraine.These fantasies pursue the only goal: a pretext for more military threats against Ukraine,” he said.

According to Poroshenko, Ukraine  resolutely condemns terrorism in all its forms and shapes and will never use terror to de-occupy Crimea.

The Ukrainian leader believes that Russia provides money and arms to support terrorism in Ukraine stressing that it has become a state-led policy on the occupied areas of Crimea and eastern Ukraine that resembles the Soviet Great Terror.

“Russia  will fail to undermine Ukraine’s reputation on the international arena and press for lifting sanctions with such provocative acts. I urge Russian authorities to honor the international law, especially respect the sovereignty, territorial integrity of states and human rights,” Poroshenko said.

Poroshenko still expects Russia to implement security clauses of Minsk accords including via Normandy Four procedures.Ukraine is devoted to restore its sovereignty and territorial integrity, including de-occupation of Crimea, exclusively through political and diplomatic means, he promises.

On August 10, Russia’s Federal Security Service (FSB) announced it had discovered a group of infiltrators in Crimea close to the Ukrainian border. According to them, explosive devices and ammunition used by the Ukrainian Army’s special forces were discovered at the scene, while more attempts by Ukrainian raiding and terrorist groups to break through had been prevented by Russian forces this week; a FSB officer and a servicemen were killed, they say. Commenting on the FSB report, Russian leader Vladimir Putin has blamed Kyiv for turning to the ‘practice of terrorism’ instead of trying to peacefully resolve the crisis. Up to seven persons have been detained over the incident, Russian media report., following