Putin extends non-working period in Russia

Russian President Vladimir Putin addressed the nation on Thursday. He extended the non-working period till April, 30. However, he never explained on what principle this decision will be carried out.

He noted that additional decisions on stemming the coronavirus will be taken, if necessary, and the non-working period can be reduced.

In addition, the Kremlin head announced that the heads of regions would be authorized to make decisions on the introduction of special regimes on their territories, depending on the situation on the ground, as the epidemiological situation differs in regions and municipalities.

Just like the current week, shops, pharmacies, life support services, doctors, important enterprises, government agencies, and continuous cycle enterprises will be working.

This was the thirteenth presidential address made in this format since 2000. Putin’s previous address took place last week, on March 25. Then he declared a week from March 30 to April 5 a non-working one, raised some taxes and urged citizens to stay home to stop the spread of the coronavirus.