Putin comments on Moscow protests and explosion near Severodvinsk

During his visit in France Vladimir Putin had to answer some inconvenient questions. Before the beginning of negotiations with French President Emmanuel Macron, the leaders of the countries answered the journalists’ questions, as the Kremlin press service reports.

“There is no threat there, and there is no rise in the background radiation level either. Experts were sent there, including independent experts, who are now in control of the situation. In any case, I receive these reports and those from our experts. We do not see any serious changes there. But preventive measures are being taken so that there are no surprises,” Putin answered the question about the explosion near Severodvinsk.

Putin also had to answer the question about the opposition’s mass protests in Moscow.

“All this is related to the electoral cycle. Elections to regional authorities, including Moscow ones, are to be held in September this year. In 2014, when there were previous elections, about 111 people were not allowed to participate in the elections. For various reasons, election commissions did not allow these people to be admitted to the elections for violations of the law. This year, 57 people were not allowed to participate in the elections also for obvious violations during the election campaign. There are simply falsified signatures, as the experts of election commissions claim,” said Putin.

Putin notes that citizens have the right to peaceful protests, while the authorities should ensure the realization of these rights. But, according to the head of the Kremlin, there should be order and one should not violate the law.

“We all know the events associated with the so-called yellow vests, during which, as it seems, according to our calculations, 11 people died, while 2,500 were injured, including 2,000 policemen. We would not want such events to happen in the Russian capital, and we will do everything to ensure that our domestic political situation develops strictly within the framework of the current law,” Putin said.