Infamous for propaganda: Russian filmmakers unwelcome in Latvia


The local authorities of Latvia’s Kuldiga Region will not approve of a Russian company’s shoots of a film series in Kuldiga and its surroundings, as the Security Police have warned them of its possible anti-Latvian nature.

The shooting of a number of scenes of Circus Parade was scheduled for August 4-30. The action takes place in a small town to which the circus came from Russia in the summer of 1941. The war starts, but the circus artists have to continue performing.

“This film does not promote a true reflection of historical events, but creates and disseminates generalizations about the relations between the residents of Latvia and their actions during the Second World War which are of benefit to Russia’s policy,” Latvia’s Security Policy says.

According to Inga Berzinja, Chairwoman of Kuldiga District Council, the local authorities are not entitlrd to ban Russians from filming in public places, but they, for example, will not allow the creators of the series to shoot in the local lore museum.

Circus Parade is being made by Westline Production company at the order of Russia’s channel 1., following, phot.

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