Primaries suspended. Seviarynets withdraws

The council of the People’s Voting campaign (primaries) decided to suspend candidates’ trips to the regions for two weeks because of the coronavirus epidemic, representative of the headquarters Alyaksei Sihayeu told Belsat.

Voter meetings with candidates are canceled from March 18 to April 2.

“A total of nine meetings are canceled during this period. It should be noted that we’ll monitor how our healthcare system will cope with the caronavirus. We’ll also consider the decision to perhaps slightly continue our so-called quarantine,” acting Chief of Staff Alyaksei Sihayeu told Belsat.

Seviarynets is out

The campaign representative said that after the decision to hold a meeting on March 17 in Baranavichy, the trip sparked controversy among the candidates. As a result, Pavel Seviarynets said he was withdrawing from the campaign.

Pavel Seviarynets, photo: Iryna Arakhouskaya/ Belsat

“Other candidates did not want to give up on the trip to Baranavichy, as they spent a lot of effort on its organization. But after the Baranavichy meeting, the candidates agreed to “quarantine”. In his turn, Pavel Seviarynets demanded to cancel all meetings immediately. And after the refusal, he said he was quitting the campaign to elect a single candidate. The control group decided take the name of Seviarynets ooff the ballots,” added Sihayeu.

Thus, Yury Hubarevich (Movement for Freedom), Mikalai Kazlou (UCP), Volha Kavalkava (Social-Christian Movement) and Aleksei Yanukevich (BPF) will continue their participation in the primaries.