Lukashenka says he got his Tesla from Elon Musk

On September 2, Belarusian president Alyaksandr Lukashenka visited Minsk secondary school # 93. Talking with schoolchildren, the head of Belarus confessed that Elon Musk had presented him with a Tesla. Lukashenka did not specify the model though.

“I have an electric car, a Tesla. I sometimes test it. Musk gave it to me as a present. I also have an electric motorcycle already produced by the Minsk plant,” quotes Lukashenka.

In 2017, Lukashenka personally test drove a Tesla Model S. He then said he had accelerated to 280 km per hour. In the U.S. prices for Tesla Model S start at $ 70,000.


“It can be driven at any speed. To be honest, I drove it at 280 km/h and I was afraid it might take off. Planes take off and land at this speed. It’s a very good car,” said the head of Belarus.

Catch up and outdo Musk: Belarus president test-drives Tesla car

In 2017, Lukashenka visited the BelGee plant. There he was given a Geely electric car.