Minskers speak in favor of ‘Belsat’

“Belsat, live” and “Defend Belsat” are the campaign hashtags that appeared in social networks. The channel is being defended not only in the Internet, but also on the streets of the Belarusian capital.

We asked residents of Minsk, whether Belarusians need “Belsat”.

“My attitude towards the channel is good, it is clear that it is needed. After all, it is broadcast in the Belarusian language,” said an old man.

“Of course, it is needed. A lot of people watch “Belsat” in Hrodna and Brest. It gives truthful information,” said the young man.

“I am in favor of an alternative, so let it live,” thinks another citizen of Minsk.

“This channel is needed, because people need to know their language. Everyone has the right to express their point of view. This is the proper channel,” said a passerby.

“Belsat looks like the truth,” she said.

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