Population census starts in Belarus

Drawing De Lyos / Belsat.eu

On the night of October 3-4, the population census officially began in Belarus. The first stage of the census is held online. To take part, it is necessary to have a mobile phone with a working Belarusian SIM card.

At the time of publication of the article, 8,166 people have already taken part in the census (the data are updated every 5 minutes).

It is possible to take part in the census online at census.by and перепись.бел.

The online census will last until October 18. After that, starting from October 21, the census staff will visit the apartments of Belarusians. It will end on October 30.

Anyone who does not want to be visited at home can take part in the census online. You can also come to the stationary sites.

Citizens of Belarus who have resided abroad for more than a year, are not subject to the census. Those who are abroad at the time of the census should have SMS roaming.