MP: Polish Sejm to discuss Belsat TV situation

The Foreign Affairs Committee of the Polish Sejm will raise the issue of Belsat TV during the parliamentary debate, Robert Tyszkiewicz, a representative of Civic Platform party, said. 

“We will protest, we will convene a meeting of the Foreign Affairs Committee. The liquidation of Belsat TV is a very big decision, it would mean an U-turn in the Polish foreign policy. We deny such U-turn and consider it a political mistake. Poland’s policy towards Belarus has always been a combination of the policy of good neighbourhood and that of democratic transformation. We will demand that the government fulfilled the will of Parliament. Let’s recall that the Committee unanimously voted for stepping up the support of independent media in Belarus, not for eliminating them,” Robert Tyszkiewicz told Polish Radio.

On December 15, the Foreign Affairs Committee of the Polish Sejm unanimously adopted a declaration in which they stated that Poland should further supporting independent media in Belarus. The declaration was signed by representatives of all political parties, as well as Jan Dziedziczak, Deputy Foreign Minister of Poland.

On December 18, however, Witold Wazczykowski, Minister of Foreign Affairs of Poland, voiced the ministry’s plans of Belsat TV transition to a web mode and its journalists’ transfer to TVP Polonia.

There is an online petition to support “Belsat” on the Internet. To sign it, you need to follow the link., following