Polish statue of Jesus turned into wifi spot

The statue of Christ in Swiebodzin, in the west of Poland, now features equipment to provide the local parish with the Internet. But not only that.

The newspaper “Fakt” managed to get pictures of the Jesus’ head from a bird’s eye view using drones and to find the owners of the transmitters. It was an Internet provider.

“It was a proposal from a priest who wanted to provide the parish with the internet,” said the representative of the firm. “We, however, send the signal from the head of Jesus to other clients as well.”

According to the company representatives, the equipment was installed legally.

The gilt crown of the statue has a size of 3.5 m in diameter and about 3 m in height. Photos: Robert Neumann / FORUM

The figure of Christ the King in the town of Swiebodzin in Western Poland is the biggest monument of Jesus in the world. The total height of the figure with the mound is 52 meters (12 meters more than the height of Christ the Redeemer in Rio de Janeiro).