Polish Foreign Ministry says decision on financing of ‘Belsat’ pending


The Polish Foreign Ministry had not yet signed the document on the dramatic reduction of funding, spokeswoman for Ministry Joanna Wajda confirmed on Friday evening.

The first independent Belarusian television channel has been operating in Poland for the last 9 years, since for the official Minsk the alternative information from TV screens is unwelcome. Now the existence of “Belsat” is in question.

The Polish authorities might be planning to cut Belsat TV budget for 2017 by two thirds, the country’s media reported on December, 15. Taking such a step would mean the end of the independent channel, its director Agnieszka Romaszewska-Guzy believes.

#белсатжывi (Live, Belsat!) is the hashtag of the Belsat support campaign that appeared in social networks. This was how the public responded to yet unconfirmed information about a strong reduction in funding of the channel. According to the “Belsat” management, it may simply lead to the disappearance of the independent Belarusian language television.