Police threaten ‘Belsat’ journalists with murder

On March 18, police have organized a “hunt” for ‘Belsat’ journalists all over the country.

In Kobryn police officers beat up a journalist Ales Lyauchuk and his cameraperson Milana Kharytonava during detention.

In her Facebook, Milana Kharytonava posted a photo of the policeman who drew up a protocol.

The “Belsat” crew was on its way to Kobryn from Brest and was detained by the traffic police.

“When we stopped, we had 6-8 people rush towards us. They said they were from the anti-drug unit and started pulling us out of the car, said Ales. They smashed all our equipment”.

In Kobryn police department, protocols were drawn on Ales and Milana for “disobeying the police” and “On violation of mass media law”.

Police officers confiscated our colleagues’ broken equipment and threatened them with murder.

“They promised to kill us,” said Ales.