Police force people to apologize on camera

The press service of the Ministry of Internal Affairs reports 559 cases of graffiti, leaflets, stickers against the authorities for the last two months. And the residents of Maladzechna and Cherven have even apologized on camera.

Apologies on camera

According to the Ministry of Internal Affairs, almost every day there appear inscriptions, stickers, banners, stretches and leaflets against the existing electoral system and authorities in public places. Over two months, 559 cases have been recorded, most of them in Minsk and Minsk region.

A resident of Cherven district painted a stop and a road sign, as well as scattered leaflets in the streets of the agro-town of Liady. He completely repented of what he had done. He bought a spray can with paint in Minsk, and found the text of the leaflets on the Internet, printed and scattered in the streets of his native village. He was helped by his 56-year-old father.

Both of them were brought to administrative responsibility for violation of the rules of amenities and damage to the road sign and bus stop. All in all they were fined 2,295 BYN and forced to apologize on camera.

In Maladzechna, on July 3, policemen approached a 32-year-old man, suspected of administrative offense and reprimanded him. The man filmed everything on the phone and did not listen to the policemen. He was also fined 210 BYN and forced to apologize on video. On the video you can hear his voice shaking.

The Ministry of Internal Affairs warns that graffiti drawing and distribution of printed materials in places that are not intended for advertising are punishable by a fine under Article 21.14 of the Code of Administrative Offences, Article 9.3 of the Code of Administrative Offences (Insult), and if they have appeals to a mass meeting, article 23.34 (violation of the rules of holding mass events). In certain cases one can even get under Article 341 of the Criminal Code (damage to property).

“We do not warn you, but we want to be ahead of you. Look at the video and think why do something you’ll regret later,” reads the page of the Interior Ministry.

The presidential elections in Belarus will be held on August 9.