Police persecutes journo for photos from Nepal published by Belsat

An independent journalist from Homiel, Larysa Shchyrakova, recently visited the Himalayas. There she took pictures that put her into trouble with the local police inspector who drew a protocol for illegal media production.

The photo report appeared on our website on May 16.

“The Belarusian policemen have a strange logic: I made photographs in Nepal and in the Himalayas, while climbing Mount Manaslu, and I am accused of being unaccredited in the Republic of Belarus and carrying out professional activities as a journalist of foreign media. In Nepal, nobody held it against me, but in my native Belarus they did…” said Shchyrakova to the monitoring service of the BAJ NGO.

The journalist draws attention to the absurdity of other wording in the administrative protocol. According to the policeman Prymakou, she allegedly posted an “article in the form of a story on the air of the TV channel,” although the photo report was only posted on the website.

“It’s funny but it’s sad. However, this kind of abracadabra is seriously considered by courts which give astronomical fines,” continues Shchyrakova.

It is still unknown when the Homiel district court examines the police protocol — there have been no subpoena.

belsat.eu, baj.by