Poland set to build nuclear power plant by 2033

Poland is laying the groundwork for constructing a nuclear power plant in Pomerania, Energy Minister Krzysztof Tchórzewski told Polish Radio on Tuesday.

According to him, a nuclear power plant’s investment cycle lasts about 10 years, but before that, there should be preparatory works that may take a few years. Hovever, much had already been done, the minister stressed.

“Locations in the north-western seaside region of Poland have been chosen. The communities living there have been preparing themselves for the construction, they visited nuclear power plants [abroad], thus, in a manner of speaking, we have received social consent to start building,” Polish Public Television (TVP) quotes Mr Tchórzewski.

A NPP is expensive in terms of construction, especially with regard to security, but it is also cheaper in exploitation, as it requires only four fuel-carrying trucks per year, the top official said

The preparatory works are being carried out by the newly-established company PGE EJ 1.The power plant is to be completed by 2033.

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belsat.eu, following TVP