Poland sends six trucks of humanitarian aid to Belarus

Trucks with Polish humanitarian aid for Belarus. April 23, 2020. Photo: Kiryl Smyahlikau, Belsat.

Warsaw has sent to Belarus about 75 thousand liters of disinfectants and antiseptics, as well as 100 thousand surgical masks. The aid was provided by the Polish Ministry of Health and a number of Polish state companies.

The official transfer of humanitarian aid that took place in one of the fire departments in Warsaw was attended, in particular, by deputy ministers of state assets and foreign affairs Matej Malecki and Martin Przydacz, as well as Ambassador of Belarus to Poland Uladzimir Chushau.

“We have good relations with Belarus, we have a common history, we actively cooperate in various areas. I can’t imagine that we could do otherwise today,” said Matej Malecki.

Photo: Kiryl Smyahlikau, Belsat.

According to Polish officials, the aid was made possible because Poland managed to buy enough protective equipment and medicines on world markets.

“Now we would like to share them, as we ourselves are already secured in this sense and can help the brotherly Belarusian people,” Deputy Foreign Minister Martin Przydacz told Belsat.

The transfer of the cargo is provided by the State Fire Service of Poland. It will arrive in Belarus on April 24.

Most of the funds will go to two hospitals in Hrodna, as well as to the district clinical hospital in Voranauski district, after which they will be distributed throughout Belarus. During a conversation with Belsat, Uladzimir Chushau said that the Republican Center for Medical Response in Minsk would distribute the humanitarian aid.

“We have already taken advantage of the fact that the humanitarian aid was provided by China, Kazakhstan and Russia, and everything was distributed according to the needs,” added the Belarusian diplomat.

The International Solidarity Fund acted as a mediator in the transfer of the cargo to the Belarusian side.