Poland frees Ukrainian citizen detained on Russian request

Ігар Мазур. Фота з «Фэйсбуку»

Poland did not give Ihor Mazur, a human rights defender and deputy head of the Ukrainian National Assembly – Ukrainian People’s Self-Defence political organization, to the hands of Russia; Lyudmyla Denisova, Ukraine’s parliamentary commissioner for human rights, said on November, 10.

“Everyone involved in the work on the release and return of our citizen to the native land is making every effort to prevent his becoming a hostage of the Russian Federation’s political revenge,” she wrote on Facebook.

While the request for his extradition is being considered, Ihor Mazur will be staying at the Ukrainian consulate in Lublin.

Ihor Mazur is an ex-serviceman, former Euromaidan protester and participant in the military actions in the antiterrorist operations zone in Donbas. On November 9, he was detained by Polish border guards on the Interpol request from Russia, which had sought his extradition.

In turn, the Ukrainian Interior Ministry appealed to the Interpol Secretary General and suggested that Russia was using the organization’s leverage to persecute Ukrainians.

According to Małgorzata Gosiewska, Vice-Speaker of the Polish Sejm, the detention of Ihor Mazur took place due to Poland’s complying with international agreements; the country was not going to turn the Ukrainian over to Russia, the top official said.