Photo exhibition about people with special needs opens in Minsk

An exhibition of photo stories “Punktum 16+” has opened in the Pyatrus Brouka Literary Museum in Minsk. It shows 10 best photographs from new authors from all over Belarus. This exhibition is the final phase of the “photo story by points” training course from the Belarusian Association of Journalists. The authors of the photos experimented a lot, searching for themselves and revealing sensitive issues of the society. They were able to uncover serious topics.

At the exhibition, you can see the stories of people and their feelings: loneliness, anticipation, their memories. You can also see stories about the place: the village and the city, which are deeply rooted in the hearts of the photo artists.

Our photographer Volha Vasilyeva was one of the project authors. She tells about Alesya Tsumarava, voted “Person of the Year 2018” by the society of Mahiliou. Despite her disability, Alesya is not complaining about life, but gets out instead. She has become a successful businesswoman and is realizing her full potential.

Alesia is very active. She often receives awards.