Petition demanding Belsat TV broadcasting in Belarus appears on web

Civil activist Krystsiyan Shynkevich has called on the Belarusian authorities to sanction Belsat TV’s enrty to cable television network in Belarus.

According to the petition posted on website, there is a lack of language balance since Belarusian state-run TV stations air primarily films and shows in Russian. As a Belarusian-language TV channel creating high-quality products that are of interest to Belarusian viewers, Belsat TV could eliminate the the unfortunate disparity, the petition says.

“We believe that it would be more timely to open the joint Belarus-Polish channel as a local Belsat office (by the example of NTV-Belarus) or to rebrand an existing Belarus channel (e.g. Belarus-3), which would include Belsat TV mediaproducts. We are asking you to start negotiations on the issue with Belsat TV, given that this idea is supported by the channel, as well as by many citizens of our country,” the authors of the petition stress.