Payback? Coordinator of art project criticizing Belarus officials charged with ‘disorderly conduct’

Aleh Larychau, a coordinator of Signal street art project, is to appear before court on April, 28.

Каардынатара стрыт-арт-праекту «Signal» Алега Ларычава будуць судзіць:

Opublikowany przez Белсат TV Piątek, 28 kwietnia 2017

(UPD) Judge Viktoryia Shabunya sentenced him to 5 days in prison for ‘flapping arms’ and ‘swearing’.

Until today, the man failed to contact his family and friends within a day.

Аleh Larychau on Belsat TV

On Wednesday evening, Aleh Larychau and economy expert Syarhei Chaly were at a pizzeria near metro station ‘Institute of Culture’ in Minsk, but then the activist did not come home, his phone was out of reach.

Overnight into Friday, his girlfriend Hanna got a call from the police. She was told that Larychau would be tried in Tsentralny district court for disorderly conduct.

In early April, two unknown individuals battered the activist and graffiti artist at the entrance hall of the block of flats he lives in.

Aleh Larychau says that the attack must have been a retaliation act for his being engaged in the appearance of graffitis featuring unpopular Belarusian officials who, for example, came up with the idea of the tax on the unemployed or ordered to arrest peaceful protesters. On April 1, Larychau launched a fundraising for volunteering artists who are involved in the Signal project.

On April 26, a new piece of street art – the image of pro-Lukashenka information minister who is hampering independent media’s work – appeared in Minsk. Liliya Ananich was depicted as teletubbie Tinky-Winky.

Barbed wire added to the mural symbolizing Moscow and Minsk friendship

Green men in Minsk

Aleh Larychau is the organizer of the Urban Myths festival. During the event artists from all over the world painted murals on the walls of Minsk block of flats. In recognition of his social activity for the benefit of the city, the authorities placed a photo of Larychau on one of their billboards., following

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