Over 360 people detained at ‘solidarity chains’ across Belarus

Human rights activists have calculated how many people were detained during the solidarity events of June 18-21. Detentions took place in 19 cities of the country.

According to the human rights center Viasna, more than 360 people were detained at the “solidarity chain” rallies (as well as before and after the rallies), held throughout the country from 18 to 21 June.

Detentions took place in 19 cities of the country. They were Minsk (over 260 people), Homiel (13), Babruisk (12), Navapolatsk (10), Hantsavichy (10), Barysau (10), Navahrudak (9), Vitsebsk (7), Mahiliou (6 or more), Brest (6), Rechitsa (3), Vaukavysk (3), Maladzechna (3), Salihorsk (2), Hrodna (2), Vorsha (2), Svetlahorsk (1), Lida (1), Slutsk (minimum 1). In addition, in Slonim, the protesters were summoned to the police later to draw up protocols. We also know that at least 15 people were detained in Minsk on Friday and released without reports, they were later summoned to Leninski district police department to draw up these very protocols. Those, released with protocols, are waiting for the courts hearings.

More than 100 court hearings were held on June 22 and 23 involving part of the detained people. According to Viasna, 9 people received a total of 105 days of arrest and at least 78 people received fines totaling about 50,500 rubles.

Since the beginning of the election campaign 112 people have been sentenced to a total of 1,583 days of arrest under administrative articles used for political persecution. As many as 205 people have received fines totalling over 167,000 roubles. Human rights defenders are aware of at least 650 cases of unreasonable detention that took place between 6 May and 23 June.