Opposition movement ‘For Freedom’ opts out of participation in 2015 election

Movement ‘For Freedom’ will not nominate its candidate for the 2015 presidential election, and is not going to support any other candidate either, its council said in a statement issued on Thursday.

The organisation will focus on developing proposals of economic reforms, observation of the election and fighting for releasing political prisoners.

“The Council regrets that even a deep economic crisis in Belarus and a threat to the sovereignty of the country from Russia did not lead to the consolidation of democratic forces in the name of independence, democracy, market economy and European choice,” the statement reads.

 On Wednesday civil campaign ‘Nash Dom ‘ [Our House – Belsat] also announced its non-participation.

“Today, we feel that if we take an active part in the election, we will be involved in someone else’s scenario; we do not have enough tools to use our own roadmap,” the oppositionists note.