Opinion. Kadyrov starts ‘international career’ with visit to Lukashenka

Dreams come true. Ramzan Kadyrov, who had repeatedly displayed willingness to come to Belarus and meet with Alyaksandr Lukashenka, arrived in our capital on Monday. The Belarusian leader cordially welcomed Chechnya’s strongman and said there was a ‘serious tendency’ to deepen ties.

According to Kadyrov, the day of Lukashenka’s paying visit to Chechnya will be the ‘biggest feast’!

Ramzan Kadyrov has started his international career with the visit to Lukashenka, says Anastasia Sergeeva, a representative of the association ‘For Free Russia’.

“It is the first visit to a place outside Russia when a red carpet has been rold and official meetings have been held,” the activist says.

In her opinion, Kadyrov is a bit different from all the other regional leaders and he has been highlighting this difference over the last few years.

“Anyway, it all started in 2015 with the murder of Boris Nemtsov which is often associated with the person of Ramzan Kadyrov. It seems to me he felt he had sort of prospects. What position can a regional leader advance to? Chechnya’s head cannot go into the government, because he would not make a step without permission of the Kremlin and Putin’s personal approval. If Putin did not say nay to him, it means that Putin gave the go,” Sergeeva stresses.

Kadyrov’s visit is lke a socialization act, the guest of the Belsat TV program Hot Commentary believes.

“On the one hand, he is shown not only to Belarus. With the help of Belarus, he is presented to Europeans: we have Chechnya and it is our part.”

“Russians got used to having Chechnya that consumes a certain amount of money. The money are not and will not be given back, but it is a price for calm and peace. Chechnya is like a black hole into which the money of Russians fall,” the expert says.