One state language: Verkhovna Rada adopts bill on Ukrainian

The Ukrainian parliament has adopted the draft law on ensuring the functioning of Ukrainian as a state language. A total of 278 lawmakers voted for the document at a parliament meeting on Thursday.

“The Ukrainian language, along with the flag, emblem and anthem, is one of the symbols of the Ukrainian state. Knowledge of the state language and its use by officials and officers of state authorities and local governments is one of the prerequisites for occupying relevant positions,” quotes the bill.

The law defines persons who are obliged to speak the national language and use it while performing official duties – Officials of all levels, judges, law enforcement officers, contract servicemen, employees of education, medical sphere, officials of state and municipal enterprises, lawyers, and notaries.

The language of the educational process will be Ukrainian, but the state will promote the study of languages ​​of international communication, primarily English. However, the law will not be applicable to private communication: each Ukrainian citizen is free to choose the language or languages ​​in private communication, the document states.

The law, with the exception of certain of its provisions, will enter into force two months after publication., following