Not tsar, but all-time leader? Putin evades question about future

It is premature to talk about his future work, Russian President Vladimir Putin said when asked where he fancies himself in the year of 2024. “We will see,” he replied vaguely.

The journalist apparently wondered whether the incumbent head of state would be campaigning in the next presidential election in Russia.

“There are four years ahead of me, I do not have any answer at the moment. It depends on the mood of the nation, on the people’s desire,” Putin said in a recent interview to news agency TASS on March, 11.

He admitted, however, that the elites might be nervous such uncertainty, which can result in ‘imbalancing’.

He has never considered himself to be a tsar, the Russian leader. In his opinion, a tsar merely issues orders, while the president works every day.

“I work every day, I do not reign. A tsar is one who just sits there, looks down from above and says: ‘They will do as I order’, while he just tries on a cap and looks at himself in the mirror,” TASS quotes Putin.

When the interviewer asked him: “Will you be with us forever?”, the president answered: “If you will”.

Putin wants new Constitution to have marriage as union of man and woman and mention God

On March 10, Vladimir Putin assented to the deputies’ proposal to ‘zero out’ a number of presidential terms he served on condition that the Constitutional Court and Russian citizens approve it. Russia’s parliament passed the amendment on resetting; over 380 MPs were in favour of it, 43 voted against, one person abstained. On March 16, the Russian Constitutional Court concluded that the amendments to the Constitution, including those that reset Vladimir Putin’s previous presidential terms, are legitimate.

In 2018, it was the fourth time (not in a row) that Putin had assumed the presidential office. If the majority of Russians vote for the amendment, Vladimir Putin will apparently run for presidency in the year of 2024. A few days ago, he signed a decree on holding a nationwide voting on the constitutional amendments on April, 22.

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