Non-parasite march in Hrodna (video)

About 1,000 people took part in the non-parasite protest in Hrodna. Despite the arrest of the protest movement leaders the day before the event, and Yanukevich not able to get to Hrodna due to the traffic cops, Hrodna protesters organized themselves, they held a rally and march.

The rally had not been allowed by the city authorities, but they also came there. Deputy Mayor Zoya Kulesha came to the protesters and invited them inside the hall to talk. To which she was told that it would only happen after the release of political prisoners.

People shouted “Long Live Belarus!”, “Shame!” and promised to bring a pitchfork net time.

After the march, people in plain clothes detained three young men in masks and party activist of UCP in Hrodna Alyaksandr Laurentsyeu.