‘No violation’. Belsat TV contributor attacked, police stand still

Kastus Zhukouski, a Belsat TV contributor and freelance journalist, was attacked when he was performing his professional duties. The offenders seem to get away with the situation.

In August, the freelancer went to the Zyalionyia Luki village to check the information about the massive pig slaughtering at the “Dobraya Hrushka” farm lasting for as long as two weeks.

The journalist left the car near the facility and wanted to get into the farm, but he was confronted by a farm worker who sprayed Kastus and his colleague Andrey Tolchyn with an unknown chemical substance from a container. The policemen witnessing the situation failed to step in.

The journalist was taken to the hospital for tests. He was diagnosed with hypertension and high blood pressure.

After the discharge from the hospital, Zhukouski reported the village police’s inaction. On October 14, the journalist received an official response from the Department of Internal Affairs of Homiel regional executive committee.

According to Police Lieutenant Colonel Vasil Krautsou, the local police did not commit any violation.


“The answer is predictable. They say it was no violation. Does it mean that everyone can spray chemicals on other people?” Kastus Zhukouski told Belsat.

According to him, his case is an example of the conspiracy of silence – the Belarusian authorities always cover up for policemen.

Now Kastus Zhukouski is set to file a lawsuit against the police.