No thaw: Justice Ministry denies registration to Belarusian Christian Democracy party for 6th time

It is the sixth time the Belarusian Ministry of Justice has refused to register the Belarusian Christian Democracy party (BChD).

The party submitted an application for registration in December 2015, the press service of the ministry says. Studying the documents filed, the ministry officials stated that the founders had committed major violations of legislation when establishing the party.

“In the course of a spot check, a number of persons given as the party’s founders stated that they bore no relation to the party, never participated in its creation and never put their signatures on the list of founders. Several names were duplicated; as far as some other founders are concerned, untrue information was given about them,” the statement says.

The Ministry of Justice also states they wanted to get information about the founding congress of the party, but failed to obtain it. As a result, the BChD was denied registration.

It is to be recalled that earlier a number of BChD founders called off their signatures being under pressure of local authorities.