No Belarusian military specialists get hurt in Syria – official

As Belarusian military experts had not been sent to Syria, they could not be among the victims of Israel’s recent air strike on Syria’s Masyaf, the Belarusian State Military and Industrial Committee states.

“No Belvneshpromservice specialists were sent to Syria. All this is just spreading a false story,” Ihar Dzemidzenka, First Deputy Chairman of the Committee, told Belsat.

The Embassy of Belarus to Syria has not confirmed the fact of the death of Belarusians either.

“The embassy is not privy to such information,” an embassy officer said when reached by Belsat.

On Monday, Israeli media outlet Debka reported with reference to ‘Western intelligence sources’ that Iranian and Syrian military officers as well as foreign missile experts were killed in the Israeli air strike on the Scientific Studies and Research Center in the Syrian town of Masyaf on April, 13.

According to the journalists, most of the Belarusians reportedly got their jobs at Masyaf through the mediation of the state-run Belvneshpromservice company which has a long history of cooperating with Damascus.

Belarus military engineers killed in Israel’s attack on Syria’s Masyaf – media