Minsk doctor detained for ‘illegal use of psychotropics’

The 35-year-old doctor came to “patients” homes and treated drinking bout using medication called “diazepam” which has a psychotropic effect.

The man was detained by the Minsk anti-drug and anti human trafficking police unit.

The doctor officially worked in one of the health centers, where he was busy helping binge drinkers withdraw. He also unofficially took “orders for treatment of hangovers”.

“His colleagues in the Medical Center did not know about his extra part-time work,” noted the police.

The man was detained during a visit to client. He was searched, and the police found and seized from him 8 vials, 21 tablet and two syringes with diazepam.

A criminal case for illegal drug trafficking was launched against the doctor who is now facing up to 5 years in prison.