New Maybach for Lukashenka costs € 1.4 million

New vehicle of Lukashenka. Photo by Henadz Mazheika.,

According to Komsomolskaya Pravda, a new Mercedes-Maybach Pullman Guard with presidential plates was spotted during the closing ceremony of the European gamesthe at the Dynamo Stadium in Minsk on June 30.

The vehicle is of the latest generation of armored limousines produced by Mercedes. Their deliveries began in 2018. It takes about nine months to produce each car. The driver and passengers are protected by armored steel, steel in combination with Kevlar and bulletproof glass of more than 6 centimeters thick.

It can withstand a point-blank shot made from assault rifles, as well as the explosion of 15 kg of TNT two meters from the car and one meter above the ground.

The interior includes a bar and massage seats. There is also a guarded armored section separating the VIP-passenger from the driver and bodyguard.

The base price of such armored car (excluding sirens, strobes, loudspeakers and other individual equipment) is € 1.4 million.

Alyaksandr Lukashenka has been riding in an armored Mercedes Pullman Guard limousine since 2011.