Nadiya Savchenko stops hunger-striking

Nadiya Savchenko has decided to stop ‘dry’ hunger-striking, her attorneys say on Twitter. The Ukrainian aviatrix had been refusing food and drink for seven days.

According to defence lawyer Nikolai Polozov, Nadiya Savchenko yielded to the requests of Ukrainian president Petro Poroshenko, her compatriots and all people who supported her.


Another attorney, Mark Feygin, published Poroshenko’s letter to Savchenko.

“We appreciate your willpower and resilience in the fight, but now there is no need for hunger-striking now. I am in touch with our embassy and consulate-general in Russia. I know that you are having hard days now. I want you to hear me say – we do not want your health to be destroyed”

On Wednesday the Russian court announced that the final verdict will be given on March 21-22.

On March 3, Nadiya Savchenko was to have delivered her last plea in Donetsk City Court, Russia’s Rostov region, but the judge adjourned the hearing until March 9. In her turn, Savchenko went on a hunger strike.

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The trial of Savchenko started In September, 2015. The Ukrainian pilot is accused of murdering Russian journalists and illegal border crossing. In her turn, the woman denies any wrongdoing. According to Savchenko, she was abducted by force and transported to Russia. Savchenko’s lawyers state that at the moment shelling the defendant was in captivity in Russia and, consequently, she was not able to regulate fire.