MTZ tractor and fireworks show spark debate

A unique tractor dance show took place at the Minsk Tractor Plant on December 27, state news agency reports.

The company celebrated the upcoming Christmas and New Year with a tractor round dance to the rhythmic electronica and classical music. The people who gathered under the Christmas tree were clapping and moving to the beat.

Meanwhile, it is unclear where the money for fireworks and celebration came from.

Lukashenka recently described the situation in some sectors of the domestic economy as the state of war.

The Head of State added statistics to the criticism: over 2014-2015, the engineering industry enterprises reduced production by half, with almost 25% only in 2015. In the first 10 months of the year, the gain returned by only 3%.

The machine-building complex of Belarus consists of more than 130 companies. The main ones are “BelAZ” “MTZ” and “MAZ” employing a total of tens of thousands of Belarusians who personally felt the crisis.

In 2015 only the two industrial giants, MAZ and MTZ, fired more than 3 thousand people, and those who remained are periodically shifted to a shortened work week.