Moscow will consider any attack on Belarus as assault on Russia – envoy

Militarizing the region and deploying a US military base to Poland are troubling signs which should not be neglected, Mikhail Babich, Russian ambassador to Belarus, said.

“We are stepping up our efforts as the current events unfold. We have everything both for defense and striking back. Moscow will consider any attack on Belarus as an assault on Russia with all that it implies,” Babich told Belarusian state-run TV.

Commenting on the US presence in neighbouring countries, the diplomat stated:

“No good will come out of it for either Poland or the Baltic countries where these bases are being established. But still, Belarus is fully protected in this respect.”

Poland has been lobbying for a permanent US base amid concerns over Russian aggression. In September, Polish President Andrzej Duda and US President Donald Trump met in the White House. One of the key issues discussed was the location of a permanent US military base in Poland.

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