Moscow suspects Minsk of reexporting banned Turkish tomatoes to Russia

Despite the ban on the import of Turkish tomatoes, they enter the Russian market from Belarus, the newspaper Moskovsky Komsomolets reports.

“A change in the sales geography of Turkish tomatoes only looks good on paper. Supply chains have become more complicated, but the destination are the same – including Russia. Turkey has significantly stepped up the exports of tometoes to Belarus, but the best part is taken to Russia with the help of many ways and tricks. That is why in 2016 Belarus’s purchase of Turkish tomatoes grew fourfold,” Anna Vovk, a a member of Russia’s Chamber of Commerce, says.

In Q1 2017 Belarusians bought tomatoes worth $32.4 mln from the Turks. The Belarusian market, which is full of tomatoes from Europe and its own production, is not able to consume Turkish tomatoes, Kirill Yakovenko, an analyst at Alaro Broker company, believes.

“The volume of tomatoes supplies from Turkey to Russia amounted to 440 000 tonnes. If all these tomatoes really gush to the Belarusian market, there will be no proper demand,” he adds.

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