Moscow: Criminal case opened against participant in Saturday’s protest rally

The Russian authorities initiated a criminal case against one of the protesters who were detained in Moscow. The man allegedly put the arm on a policeman.

The detainee’s surname is Ustinov, news agency TASS reports. In accordance with Article 318-1 of the Criminal Code, he may be sentenced to a fine or even a five-year prison term.

Reportedly, Mr Ustinov was offering resistance a riot police officer, which resulted in the latter’s getting a shoulder dislocated and being hospitalized.

In total, at least 1,001 persons were detained during Saturday’s rally Regain The Right To Elections, OVD-info reports. Four of them and one policeman were taken to hospitals.

Yet more than 10 people are defendants in the criminal proceedings under Art. 318-1 (using force against against a public officer) and Art. 212-2 (participation in mass disorders) after their showing up at the rally on July, 27. Six of them have already been arrested. The Moscow police were conducting searches over ‘organizing mass disorders’ in the city. During the dispersal of the protesters, law enforcers used batons and stun guns and grabbed 1,388 people.

In mid July, Russians started protesting against the authorities’ refusal to register opposition and independent candidates for the Moscow City Duma elections.

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