More activists on trial in Belarus

Some have been sentenced, others will sentenced at a later date.

New sentences in Minsk

On May 26th, an activist of European Belarus Volha Mikalaichyk was sentenced to 13 days of administrative arrest. The reason for this is the participation in the stream of Syarhei Tsikhanouski on March 27th.


The activist was not present at the sentencing because of her illness. She said she was taking antibiotics, while the arrest would have prevented her from continuing treatment. The activist will stay at home until May 31st, and then will go out with the personal belongings.

“But they can come for me at any moment, because I have Zmitser Paliyenka, who is now on home arrest and has police officers coming to him all the time living with me. So they can even take me away at night. I’ll lock myself in my room – I have a lock there,” Volha told Belsat.

The trial in Brest

On May 26th, new trials of activists were held in Brest, Lida and Minsk, reports the human rights center Viasna.

Raman Kisliak. Photo: Belsat.

A human rights activist Raman Kislyak was on trial in Brest. He is accused of participating in unsanctioned mass events on April 12th and May 3rd (“feeding the pigeons” march). He did not participate in the rally, but was an observer.

The trial in Lida

Vitald Ashurok was recently tried in Lida for participation in an unauthorized event. He is an activist from Byarozauka. He held a solo picket on the anniversary of the Charnobyl tragedy.

The hearing was moved to 11 a.m. on June 1st to study the administrative case in more detail. The judge suspects some inconsistencies in the statements of the policemen.

Vitald Ashurok, photo:

About a hundred people have been detained in Belarus over the past month, many of them have been sentenced to jail.