Moldova court suspends Dodon’s presidential powers

The Moldovan Constitutional Court has suspended the powers of president Igor Dodon over ministerial appointments upon the request of his opponents in the Democratic Party.

Dodon was expected to sign a decree on the appointment of a number of ministers, but he refused to approve the Prime Minister’s choices. According to the law, the president has the right to reject candidates proposed by the head of the Cabinet only once. When the same candidate is re-nominated, the head of state is obliged to sign a decree on the appointment. Igor Dodon failed to do it and its powers have passed to the chairman of parliament who is authorised to okay the decree instead of the president.

It is not the first time the constitutional court has suspended the powers of president Igor Dodon. Previously, Dodon had repeatedly blocked the government’s choice of new ministers in a reshuffle.

Dodon is notorious for his pro-Russian sentiment, while the government Democratic Party aligns itself with Europe.

Interestingly, in a recent interview with state-run TV station Belarus 1, Igor Dodon said that Belarus had managed to ‘preserve and even multiply all the best of what it was in Soviet times’.

“The first thing we should do is to fix the form of government. Next, one should pursue a balanced foreign policy line, i.e. establishing a partnership with our CIS partners, solving the Transnistrian problem, and then consequently follow this way,” Dodon stressed.

In his opinion, it is not impossible; Belarus does ‘set the example’, he added.