Minsk safest city for pedestrians in CIS and Baltic States

Streets of the Belarusian capital are safer than the streets of Vilnius, Riga and Warsaw.

Last year, 44 people were killed on the Minsk roads. It is a record low figure which puts the city on a par with Prague, Brussels and Budapest, Radio Liberty reports.

In 2011, the Minsk City Council of Deputies adopted the Good Road concept, which included steps to reduce the number of fatalities in half – to reach a figure of less than 45 in 2015.

“It is a very significant achievement. Our result is two times better than in any CIS city. Minsk is safer than Vilnius, Riga and Warsaw. Now we can say that we have a European road safety,” said the head of the public organization Belarusian Association of Experts and Transport Surveyors Yury Vazhnik.

In the 1990s and the first half of the 2000s 130 people died on Minsk roads every year.

Yury Vazhnik believes that there is room for improvement, because there are also such secure cities as Berlin and Stockholm, where the accident rate is half of that in Minsk.