Minsk public transport treated with disinfectants

Disinfection of the interior of the bus. Photo: minsknews.by

Minsktrans began to treat all land public transport with disinfectants, Minsk-News reports.

Due to the coronavirus, all buses, transporting passengers in the capital, are treated with disinfectants after returning from the route.

“If a bus goes en route twice, it gets treated twice, including with disinfectants, which provide antibacterial protection to passengers in its cabin. The time it takes to clean up the equipment depends on its model. MAZ bus model 107 takes about 15 minutes on average to treat, while bus model 203 takes about 10-12 minutes,” said Ihar Kulvanouski, Chief Engineer of the transport park.

Treatment of public transport in Minsk began on February 24. In addition to floor cleaning, aerosol treatment is used.