Minsk police bans dance flash mob against domestic violence

A dance flash mob, which was supposed to be held on February 14, was canceled in Minsk by the Main Internal Affairs Directorate of the Minsk City Executive Committee.

“It is very painful for us to report this, but the local police did not allow us to dance against violence,” the page of the initiative group “March, baby!” writes. We received a call from a police major from the Main Internal Affairs Directorate of the Minsk City Executive Committee who said that he saw the news about our flash mob in the media. He considered our flash mob, coordinated with the Dana Mall shopping center as a mass event. We were also not able to get approval for the dancing flash mob in the Minsk City Executive Committee in a short time, because the real period of approval is 15 days. But the Dana Mall shopping center supported the movement and offered to move the dance flashmob of 300 people closer to March 8 to conduct everything officially!”

The initiative group “March, baby!” proposed, for the time being, to limit the flashmob to the Internet:

“Dance at home, at work or just take a picture with your hand and your index finger (a distinctive flashmob gesture), and post the received photos and videos in social networks with the hashtag #onebillionrisingby2019. After all, the online movement doesn’t have to be coordinated with the police department!”

Нам очень больно это сообщать, но ГУВД не разрешило нам танцевать против насилия.Репетиция и танцевальный флешмоб,…

Opublikowany przez Маршируй, детка Wtorek, 12 lutego 2019

“March, baby!” is an initiative group that promotes the concept of changes in legislation regarding domestic violence.