Minsk: Picket of solidarity with Nadiya Savchenko

Belarusian civil activists are holding a picket in support of  Nadiya Savchenko opposite the building of the Russian Embassy in Minsk. Today Russia’s court is passing a sentence on the Ukrainian pilot.

The Minsk police have started to draw up protocols upon the picketers, RFE/RL reports. The participants of the actions are also being filmed by law enforcers.

“I think the international community should put pressure [on Russia over the trial of Savchenko], there should be diplomatic talks… But the international community’ pressure is like an ocean, it consists of thousands of drops. Here i one of them,” activist Maxim Vinyarski told Belsat TV.

The trial of Savchenko started In September, 2015. The Ukrainian pilot is accused of murdering Russian journalists and illegal border crossing. In her turn, the woman denies any wrongdoing. According to Savchenko, she was abducted by force and transported to Russia. Savchenko’s lawyers state that at the moment shelling the defendant was in captivity in Russia and, consequently, she was not able to regulate fire.