Minsk: Lawyer barred from visiting activist in prison

Defense lawyer Alvina Minhazova has not been allowed to see Pyotr Markelau, who is serving 14-day jail term, for about six hours.

UPD. Уже 4 часа не допускают адвоката к Петру Маркелову. Срочно❗️Адвоката Альвина Мингазова (Alvina Mingazova) уже…

Opublikowany przez Правовая инициатива Piątek, 13 grudnia 2019

The lawyer phoned the prison officials every 15 minutes, but they claimed there were no free meeting rooms. At the same time, the detention facility does not seem to be packed to capacity, the Legal Initiative reports.

As reported earlier, Markelau’s fellow inmate said that the confinement conditions were poor; the activist complained of insanitariness and lice in the cell.

On December 9, a Minsk court ruled to punish Pyotr Markelau, who was an observer during the recent parliamentary elections, with a 14-day jail term.

Markelau observed the process of casting ballots at Precinct Nr 286 of the 99th constiturncy. When he started to film Youth Bloc candidate Stas Shashok’s demanding to recount the votes, a police patrol arrived at the scene and then forcibly removed him from the polling station. The observer was handcuffed and taken to the police station. Later, he was charged with disorderly conduct and disobedience to police officers.

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