Minsk cheaper than Warsaw, but more expensive than Kyiv, index claims

The Numbeo database published its January report on the world’s Cost of Living Index 2020.

The most expensive Swiss cities are Zurich, Basel, Lausanne, Geneva and Bern, which took all the first five lines of the ranking.

Belarusian Minsk is in 345th place in the ranking — between the Romanian Brașov and the Russian Voronezh.

As for capitals of neighboring countries, Riga is 244th, Moscow is 251st, Vilnius is 266th, Warsaw is 270th, and Kyiv is 347th.

In total, the index includes information about 440 cities. The last positions in the ranking are occupied by the cities of India and Pakistan.

The Cost of Living Index 2020 takes into account prices in shops and restaurants, transportation and utility costs, the purchasing power of the population and housing costs.