Minsk Accords forgotten? Separatists attack ATO positions, use forbidden weapons – Ukraine

The situation in the anti-terrorist operation (ATO) zone in Donbas remains tense. The number of attacks increased over the past 24 hours; pro-Russian separatists shootings became even more intensive as of 06:00 p.m., the press center of the ATO headquarters reported on Wednesday morning.

“Fifty-eight attacks, including 32 in the Mariupol, 24 in the Donetsk, and three in the Luhansk sectors, were registered. The Russian occupation army broke the Minsk agreements by using mortars 18 times, artillery systems three times and a tank once,” the statement says.

According to the Ukrainian side, gunfire was most intense near the town of Pavlopil (Mariupol sector) where the militants used mortars and 122mm self-propelled artillery and launched attacks.

In their turn, the self-proclaimed Donetsk republic claims Ukraine’s army was shelling some settlements in Novoazovski district from pavlopil. According to them,Ukrainians used heavy weapons.

belsat.eu, following Interfax-Ukrainebbc.com