Metropolitan Paul: Orthodox and Catholics have different God

The head of the BOC claims that the God of Catholics and Uniates has nothing to do with the Orthodox Creator.

The head of the Belarusian Orthodox Church said this responding to a question by the Homiel believer asked on air of Belteleradiocompany broadcast about the situation in the village of Byarozauka in the Vitsebsk region, where Orthodox believers go to Catholic church, as the nearest Orthodox church is 10 kilometers away.

Near the church there is a sculpture, symbolizing the unification of Catholic and Orthodox crosses, and the church has icons of Orthodox saints, including Seraphim of Sarov and Euphrosyne of Polatsk.

“One building is used by both Orthodox and Catholics. But this is by no means a union. The task of the Uniates is to say that we have one God. Sorry, we do not have one God, my friends. You have your own God, because you believe in God diffrerently. You profess it diffrerently, noted the Metropolitan.

There is really one God, but the corporation has its own god, while some sectarian organization has its own. They have nothing to do with our common Creator and Lord. The Lord, after all, says in the Gospel: “Your belly is God, and your mammon is God.” Pagans also have an idol — a god. But for us, the Orthodox, this is a bauble. The same is true for the Uniates,” adds the Orthodox Metropolitan.

“I do not want to impose the Catholic church, I just want to help families, help children, help people to return to Christian roots after atheism,” says father Marek Pasyut, rector of the parish of the Mother of God of Vostrabramskaya in Byarozauka.

According to the Catholic priest, the form of the cross – Catholic or Orthodox – belongs “not to the heart of faith, but to religious culture.”